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Application Procedures


The Ina Calkins Board
Bank of America, NA
PO Box 219119
Kansas City, MO 64121-9119

History and Founding Donors

The Ina Calkins Board has assisted people and non-profit organizations in Kansas City since 1930. Mrs. Calkins, widow of A. W. Calkins, millionaire pump manufacturer, died in 1930 leaving her estate to be administered by ten persons "of high character interested in their fellow man".

Mr. Calkins began as a travelling pump salesman working in western Illinois, Iowa, eastern Nebraska, and north Missouri. He visited Kansas City regularly and in 1880 organized the Kansas City Pump Company.

In her will, Ina Calkins directed that income from the assets of her estate be used by the board to:

The Calkins Board will make all grant decisions during the fourth quarter of the year. Any 501c3 organization in Kansas City, MO that meets Mrs. Calkins' criteria is encouraged to submit an application no later than September 15th.

Bank of America, N.A. is the sole Trustee for this charitable trust, which is managed in the Bank of America, Kansas City office, however all grants will be determined by an independent board of ten members.